Give yourself a chance to enjoy a world class Panoramic wooden home, that will embrace you with its warmth and comfort, fill you with its inspiring and cheerful energy, and take away all negative emotions.

As wood is alive material, made by Mother Nature itself, it is bringing all its healing properties and good energy.

Wood recovers vitality and fills with a feeling of calm. Its unique beauty charms and fascinates. Your own wooden home… It's gorgeous one, with its special character and habits. Solid, imposing, significant or joyful, light and light-minded – just as you want it to be


  • Luxury
  • Less than 90 days construction
  • Turnkey Homes/Cottages
  • All weather processed wood
  • Earthquake proof
  • Termite Proof
  • Fire resistant
  • No rotting and blue
  • Ecologically pure habitation
  • Modern living
Category Name Product code Details
1 BHK En Harmonie PLD1BC1 Download Pdf
1 BHK Notre Reve PLD1BC2 Download Pdf
2 BHK Bienvenu PLD2BC1 Download Pdf
2 BHK Belle Vue PLD2BC2 Download Pdf
2 BHK Vue Claire PLD2BC3 Download Pdf
3 BHK Notre Palais PLD3BC1 Download Pdf
3 BHK Herbe Verte PLD3BC2 Download Pdf
4 BHK Gai Sejour PLD4BC1 Download Pdf
4 BHK Maison des Fleurs PLD4BC2 Download Pdf
5 BHK Mon Royaume PLD5BC1 Download Pdf
5 BHK Vue du Jardin PLD5BC2 Download Pdf

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